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REGAL PRO will soon replace the WDR !

The REGAL PRO will soon be available with all of the capabilities of the WDR plus new features, a lower price, economical One-Stop cell service and free, on-line Customer Service for life of the product.   

Introduction in September 2014



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  • REGAL's exceptional 1.7 KW switching capacity allows it to independently and simultaneously service two twin engine aircraft, each equipped with crankcase and cylinder pre-heaters plus battery and cabin heaters.
  • Customers benefit from from FST's unique, seamless product and cell service integration using the ATT system.  They have the option of replenishing their cell accounts themselves, achieving monthly costs as low as $3.50 per month, or subscribing to FST CMS (Cell Management Service) providing no-hassle annual service for $6.00 per month. 
  • A rugged, powder-coated and Insulated aluminum enclosure with carrying handle lends a hi-tech, appearance and makes REGAL light-weight and readily portable while lowering its minimum opertional temperature to -10º F.
  • Dual, independently controlled 115-Volt outlets switch 1500 Watts or a 1/3 HP motor.
  • Outlets are individually toggled ON or OFF or can be activated for user-selected ON times using the Free "RegalRemote" iPhone and Android Smartphone Apps.  A separate, user-defined on-board program activates the outlets with a phone call from pre-approved phone numbers.
  • REGAL can automatically confirm operating commands by text or it can be interrogated by users for operational status and cell signal strength, all accomplished easily with free Smart-phone Apps.
  • The system is secured by Password and and an approved Phone Number List. 
  • FST provides free System and Security programming for 1 year following purchase, carried out remotely.
  • Product Support is always available by phone or email.
  • REGAL is warranted for 1 year from date of shipment. 
  • A 15-Amp, resettable Circuit Breaker protects REGAL from electrical overloads and surges.
  • A regulated, medical grade DC power supply protects and extends the life of REGAL's electronic components.
  • Industrial grade, 15 Amp Power relays assure reliable, long-life switching for heaters and motors.
  • REGAL has been proven, since 2010, by satisfied customers throughout the U.S. , including Alaska.

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NEW!  Worry-Free Cell Service for REGAL preheater switch Owners

“FST Cell Management Service (CMS)”

FST LLC now offers “FST Cell Management Service” for existing customers and as an option for new REGAL purchases.  Under this subscription service, FST will see that your cell account is kept active 360 days a year, with a positive credit balance,  so your REGAL is always ready to use.  An annual subscription fee of $80.00 provides 360 days of uninterrupted cell service at less cost than one year of AirVoice Wireless Pay-As-You-Go.  You enjoy worry-free service without any dates to remember or online purchases to make.  FST will advise you prior to subscription termination so you can renew or resume self management of your account.  Click on the “Products and Services” tab above to review the features and no-risk guarantee for FST Cell Management Service.  REGAL owners may choose to self-manage their cell accounts, achieving costs of less than $3.50 per month.  All cell service for FST products is provided on the ATT network.


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