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Operate Electrical Equipment Remotely By Phone Call - No Computer Needed!

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  • FST Wireless Switches are field proven since 2009.
  • Long Distance switching of electrical equipment and devices Without Computers, Wireless or Internet
  • Two models provide a best match with applications, power requirements and budget considerations for Home, Farm, Construction and other commercial applications.
  • Interactive operation and interrogation gives users continuous, real-time Operational status.
  • REGAL PRO and U-Phone-iT are controlled by an iPhone application, text message and phone call. Both models permit remote ON/OFF and activation for selected ON periods by app and text.  Both have a Resident Program feature for individual outlet activation by phone call.
  • REGAL PRO features a clock program for outlet activation based on time of day.
  • 1700 watt switching capacity (1/3 HP motor rating) allows REGAL PRO to control most 120 Volt, portable electric devices .  U-Phone-iT's 1000 watt capacity is suited for moderate electrical loads.
  • Free, proprietary iPhone Apps are fast and easy to use for programming, operation and interrogation.
  • Cell service is provided on the ATT system.  FST is an authorized dealer for the cell service carrier. Units are operational out-of-the-box and do not require customer activation of cell service. Economic annual cell service available through FST Cell Maintenance Service (CMS). Alternatively, user management of cell service may achieve monthly costs as low as $40.00 per year.


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NEW!  Worry-Free Cell Service for REGAL preheater switch Owners

“FST Cell Management Service (CMS)”

FST LLC now offers “FST Cell Management Service” for existing customers and as an option for new REGAL PRO purchases.  Under this subscription service, FST keeps your cell account active for 360 days, with a positive credit balance,  so your PRO is always ready to use.  An annual subscription fee of $80.00 ($70.00 when purchased with a NEW REGALPRO) provides uninterrupted cell service at less cost than one year of service from the cell carrier.  You enjoy worry-free service without any dates to remember or online purchases to make.  FST will advise you prior to subscription termination so you can renew or resume self management of your account.  Click on the “Products and Services” tab above to review the features and no-risk guarantee for FST Cell Management Service.  REGAL owners choosing to self-manage their cell accounts, achieving costs of less than $3.50 per month.  All cell service for FST products is provided on the ATT network.


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