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FST Cell Management Service

In our effort to make FST products as user friendly as possible the very successful iPhone app was introduced in 2012 and this year we have added an Android App. These Apps make the capabilities of the REGAL WDR easily available to any user.

Some customers have also asked if we could simplify the management of REGAL’s cellular account.  As a result of these requests, we have introduced the “FST Cell Management Service” (CMS) for existing customers, also available as an option for new REGAL purchases. Under this subscription service, FST will see that your cell account is kept active 360 days a year, with a positive credit balance, so your REGAL is always ready for use. The annual fee covers 360 days of uninterrupted cell service at a price less than one year of AirVoice Pay-as-You-Go service. You will benefit from worry-free cell service without any dates to remember or online purchases to make.   FST will advise you prior to the end of your service subscription so you can renew the service or resume self maintence of your account.

Features of FST Cell Management Service

  • Guaranteed 360 days of uninterrupted cell service for $80.00 annually, managed by FST
  • Your cell service will continue to be provided by Airvoice Wireless, using the ATT network
  • You will be able to monitor your cell account balance, but FST will replenish the account, as needed, to avoid service interruption.
  • Annual payment can be made by PayPal on the FST website or use your Credit Card by calling FST at:   (262-412-7580).
  • This service is provided by FST LLC, an authorized dealer for AirVoice Wireless

FST LLC guarantees subscribers 360 days of funded, uninterrupted cell service for their REGAL WDR.  If service is interrupted or canceled due to negligence on the part of FST LLC, service will be restored as promptly as possible at no cost to the subscriber.   This includes the return of the unit for a new phone number, should that prove necessary.


Warranty does not cover outages or interruptions on the AirVoice Wireless or ATT networks.


You may purchase your subscription for “FST Cell Management Service” through PayPal on this 

website or you can place a credit card order by phone at: 262-412-7580

List price: $80.00
SKU: cellmanagement