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4G REGAL PRO is a 1700 Watt, interactive remote cell switch for electrical devices that is activated by an iPhone App, telephone call or text message.Computer, Internet or Wireless service Not Required.

  • PRO's two 115 VAC outlets are controlled independently allowing a single REGAL to service 2 aircraft or other pieces of equipment.
  • PRO's outlets can be turned on individually, at a selected time of day and they will remain on for user determined run periods controlled by smartphone App or text message.
  • Outlets can also be turned ON and OFF, at will by iPhone App or text message
  • Or outlets can be activated individually for user selected run times, turning OFF when time has elapsed, controlled by App or text.
  • PRO will execute a stored Resident Program by a no-cost phone call. The Resident Program allows single or dual outlet operation and permits a delay between the start time of the outlets
  • Simple to operate, - the only device control is an ON/OFF switch.
  • An Authorized user list and password protection control access and prevent unauthorized activation.
  • PRO can be interrogated for the current programmable feature settings and current operating status. The unit responds by text message. Programming and interrogation is controlled by Smartphone App or text message
  • PRO monitors cell signal strength at its location providing guidance for physically locating a unit for best performance. An optional remote antenna is available for operation in buildings or locations with poor cell signal reception.
  • Low cost cell service uses the ATT 4G system. Customers can manage their PRO cell account for costs of less than $4.00 per month, or they may choose FST CMS (Cell Maintenance Service) a subscription service providing 360 days of uninterrupted cell service managed by FST. CMS can be purchased at a discount with an initial PRO order. FST is a direct representative of the cell service provider
  • Users receive automatic text notice of power restorations.
  • Purchasers enjoy free, long-term, product support which includes system programming, security changes, and trouble shooting.
  • PRO is compatible with Pre-heating systems made by Reiff, TANIS, Design Logic, E Z Heat and other 115 V equipment rated less than 1700 Watts resistive load or less than 1/3 HP
  • Not intended for Life Support or other Critical Systems.
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Specifications/Technical Features

    Operating Voltage: 120 VAC

    Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz

    (220V 50/60Hz 4KW switch modules available as special order)

    Normal Switching Capacity:
    1700 Watts @ 115VAC (resistive load)

    (1/3 HP Motor Rating)

    Current Protection:
    15 Amp circuit breaker

    AC power carried by Machine Tool Wire (MTW)

    Power Entry: Hard Wired

    Dimensions: Height 5.4 in (137.2mm)

    Width 6.0 in (152.4mm)

    Depth 10.0 in (254.0 mm)

    Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.45 Kg)

    General Construction: Rugged, all aluminum, Gloss Red case with non marring feet. Unit uses replaceable high capacity relays.

    Warranty: 12 months parts and workmanship

    Temperature Range: -10 to 120º F (-23 to 49º C)

List price: $390.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 14 in × 10 in × 6 in
SKU: WDR1500